Uniform railway exchange No. 1/2013

We declare the JZK No. 1/2013 for area of Czech Railway (Ceske drahy, a.s.) with efficiency from 01.01.2013.

JZK No. 11/2012 loses validity with expiration of the day 31.12.2012.

Switzerland 100 CHF 2130.00 CZK -
EMU-EURO 100 EUR 2570.00 CZK -
Poland 100 PLN 629.00 CZK +
United States 100 USD 1940.00 CZK -
ZPC-SDR 100 XDR 2990.00 CZK -

Note for customers:

During the conversion of the currencies, whose course the Czech National Bank (CNB) does not indicate in its market tickets, but those ones can occur as a tariff currency in the international railway transports, the OPT uses the ratio of their courses to EUR during the settlement with the customers, that their central banks announce. The in this way acquired value in freely exchangeable currency it converts by the appropriate rail course (JZK) into CZK.

email: sekretariat@opt.cd.cz